flights of fancy

[flight] n.1. the act, manner, or power of flying. 2. swift movement, transition, or progression: the flight of time. 3. a soaring above or transcending ordinary bounds 4. an imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display

Back in the saddle? (or at least at the keyboard!)

My new persona...You can call me "Annie!"Well I’ve taken a LOooong break from writing. I’ve been busy trying to be SuperMom and getting everyone in my house “Back On Track.” (Whatever that means…) And then there’s the issue of “I have nothing to say…” (OK: So when have I ever been at a loss for words? hmmm…)

The update on The Family is as follows: Audrey is healing from her head & neck injury and is caught up in school except for her English paper; Parker is at his last day of basketball clinic right now (and happy about that) and has been taking Western riding lessons; I am returning to flying as of August 1 (and still a bit nervous about how that will go on the home-front). Doug continues to obsessively provide us with a picture-perfect lawn….All the critters are fine: Chami turned ten last week; the Kitties rule our house, and the horses live in the pasture now. They seem to be doing well with that; I have moments of “mom-guilt” about them not being in the barn, but I remind myself they are HORSES! oh well–Guess I have to feel needed?

I hope to provide entertaining glimpses into random things in the coming days and weeks. Please come back to see what my current “flights of fancy” I’ve found…

P.S: Audrey is trying to learn to drive. I’ll be drinking heavily during the learning process…


One comment on “Back in the saddle? (or at least at the keyboard!)

  1. Lee
    July 15, 2010

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

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